Visit our fishing outposts in Northwestern Ontario




We have been privileged to share this outdoor experience with many guests over the years and we hope that one day we may be able to share it with you. Get in touch with us today to inquire.



Pete Johnson's Pickle Lake Outposts have been offering fly-in fishing experiences in Northwestern Ontario since the early 1990s. For over 30 years, Pete flew our guests to one of our ten wilderness camps for fishing and hunting that others can only dream about. The pristine landscape of Northwestern Ontario, Canada offers an unparalleled outdoor playground.



Pete's knowledge and appreciation of his home were vast, and sharing the beauty and solitude with enthusiasts from all over the world was his life's work. He passed away in 2021, and now his wife Betty and daughter Christine are at the helm of Pickle Lake Outposts, carrying on Pete's legacy with their love for the outdoors.


General manager Christine Johnson, who now runs Pickle Lake Outposts day-to-day, learned the ropes from Pete and spent her summers working with her dad from her early teens.


Pete was an adventurous and fearless soul, embracing life in the North and enjoying outdoor adventures from fishing to hunting to snowmobiling. And, of course, his love of flying was at the core of the business he built over the years, delighting guests with both his talent and stories.


We are proud to continue Pete's legacy and look forward to sharing fly-in fishing adventures with you. Whether you're looking to catch walleye or northerns, fish rivers or lakes, or even take a refreshing dip from a sandy Northern beach - we've got the perfect outpost for you and we look forward to hearing from you.